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Mechanical Repairs

Mechanical Repairs

If you have noticed your vehicle develops some concerning sounds such as grinding, clunking or buzzing noise or if you start to sense differences in your vehicles performance and operation, do not wait and give us a call to arrange an inspection or service. It is generally wiser to take care of the issue immediately, rather than waiting until the issue become critical, as it could cause additional damage and cost.

Short & Simple Title

Engine running rough, mis-firing, shuddering or hard to start

Oil / Coolant leaking -

vehicle leaves puddles of fluid

Engine running hot - overheating

Soft brakes - 

Spongy pedal

Abnormal noises

such as grinding, clicking, squeaky, or buzzing

Warning lights on dashboard

Vehicle shuddering, wobbling or not driving straight

If you experience any of the above, call us now to book an inspection or simply visit our workshop and let our mechanics take a look

Smoke coming from exhaust

Brake repairs

Steering & suspension repairs

Automatic transmission (inc CVT & DSG)

Car battery replacement


Clutch repair / replacement

Cam-belt replacement

Tyre replacement

Wheel alignment 

Wheel balancing

Radiator repairs / replacement & coolant flush

Diagnostic / computer scanning

Pre-purchase vehicle inspections

Japanese & European specialist

Coming Soon

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