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Service Pakages

At Mechanics on Grafton, we offer number of  vehicle servicing options to suit your budget and your vehicle's needs. Every vehicle servicing plan includes engine oil and filter change according to manufacturer's specifications. We recommend regular  vehicle servicing as it will help maintain your vehicle in good condition and prevent any likely hood  costly future problems.


Brake System

Brake system is directly related to your safety and there should be no compromise when it comes to safety. Brakes must be checked regularly, which can be achieved by regular servicing.  

If your brake shudders, makes squeak or grinding noise,  or feeling spongy, take action immediately before things get worse.


Mechanical Repairs

Mechanics on Grafton provides wide range of maintenance and mechanical repairs for all vehicles.


Cambelt Replacement

Cambelt replacement is one of the most costly maintenance. We recommend to replace cambelt for every 10-years or 100,000kms, whichever comes earlier. A broken cambelt can result in very expensive engine damage, so replace the cambelt before it happens!


Engine Diagnostic Scannig

Do you have any warning lights on your dashboard? We are equipped with the latest auto diagnostic scanner, we are able to scan any make & model and quickly source out the problem. 


Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

Our Pre-Purchase Vehicle inspections is a comprehensive visaual inspection of a vehicle. Our mechanics will spend some quality times to cast a critical eye from bonnet to boot. After the inspection is complete, any findings will be priotised in order of importance and our mechanic will review the report with you.

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