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Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

Organise your Pre-Purchase Vehicle  Inspection quickly and easily - protecting your investment.


At Mechanics on Grafton, we provide a full multi point car inspection. From wheels to wiper blades, our experienced technicians check and report on over 100+ items including any signs of previous accident or mechanical damage, brake condition, tyre tread depth  and engine oil quality. 

Our Pre-Purchase Inspection Report is tailored to give the buyers clarity around the vehicle's condition, including an overview of any recommended repairs, and indication of any potential WOF issues. We are dedicated to providing you with the right information, and reassurance that you can buy your car with confidence.

What's included:

  • Full inspection of the vehicle

  • Engine condition, general performance, noise, exhaust smoke, leaks, fluid condition

  • Mechanical  defects, gearbox, transmission, clutch, suspension, bearings

  • Steering system

  • Brake system

  • Cooling  system condition

  • Battery, and alternator condition

  • Electrical components and equipment function check

  • Tyre condition, wear, age and general condition

  • Exhaust system condition

  • Interior, wear and tear, Dashboard features, heater and A/C operation

  • Written report and verbal explanation with a list of potential WOF failure or safety defects that require attention, and repair recommendation


Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Report

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